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In cosmetic surgery, which subject are you interested in? (you can choose multiple answer)
In anti-aging and cosmetic dermatology, which subject are interested in? (you can choose multiple answer)


1)     Behaviour of registrant:
(a) It is not allowed that a registrant argues with private evaluation concerning related professor including other colleagues.
(b) The registrant should not disclose the ordinary or unique contents related to the faculty’s clinic or hospital.
(c) Even though a registrant considers that education is not conducted sincerely, the registrant should not complain  directly to the faculty or anyone. 
Regarding this matter, the registrant should ask for improvements to the audit committee in written.
(d) There is strictly no photography or audio or visual taping allowed in the operation room for portrait rights of the patient. 
(e) A registrant should get along with a faculty’s clinic staff.
(f) The dishonest behavior about (a),(b),(c) and (d) above is subject to investigation of commission of inquiry.
(g) In case that participant conflict with patient caused by violation of clause (d), Participant entirely has a responsibility of either civil liability or criminal liability.

2)    Obligation of punctuality and completing the surgery recording paper:
(a) Education time should comply with the Opening time and Closing time of the educational clinic.
(b) Even though education time is based on clause (a), Ending the pronouncement of faculty is more effective. 
(c) Excepting a critical condition of illness of registrant’s family or patient and death emergencies, The registrant can not change the educational schedule and temporary interruption is not allowed.
(d) A registrant has to record and submit operation record, which is provided by KCCS, with faculty’s signature to KCCS when the course is completed.

3)     Obligation of obeying faculty’s instruction:
(a) A registrant should comply with personality education of faculty.
(b) A registrant should follow the whole instructions of the faculty related to medical treatment and medicine within educational period.
(c) A registrant should follow educational clinic general regulations within the educational period.
(d) Smoking and drinking are prohibited during clinic working hours.

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